Donna's Intermittent Fasting Course


Eat Anything, Not Everything!

Join Donna in a month-long course in which you will receive daily videos, outlines, help sheets, charts, and more! Learn how to incorporate this amazing weight-loss lifestyle with the support and help you need to succeed. You will discover that it's "worth the wait to lose the weight"! The next course begins November 5th!

Weight Management

Learn how to time fasting and eating, create boundaries during the eating window, and manage Daily Intermittent Fasting in such a way to consistently lose pounds and inches.

Health Benefits

Learn the dozens of benefits to Daily Intermittent Fasting, including disease reduction, brain health, fat/inch loss, youthfulness, and energy boosting.

Lifestyle Changes

Learn ways to manage the early days of Intermittent Fasting -- to control hunger, boost your resolve, feel empowered, and make Daily IF a lifestyle. 

Help From a Teaching Cheerleader

Benefit from Donna’s encouraging, can-do attitude, and thirty years of teaching and curriculum writing as she takes you through the steps of Intermittent Fasting. 


Here's What You Can Expect:

  • A one month online course teaching how to succeed with daily Intermittent Fasting

  • Three weeks of daily videos to encourage and educate about daily IF

  • Outlines, downloads/handouts, cheat sheets, lists, and more provided each week

  • A fourth week of live videos, including question and answer time

  • A private Course FB Group with community support

  • Bonuses you will love!

  • Much more!


The next course session begins November 5th!

"I really enjoy listening to Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Podcast, her teaching approach and positive outlook really have helped me learn new tips and tricks for the IF lifestyle...really glad I found your podcast! Keep up the great work!"


"I am so happy to be a part of this (Donna's Intermittent Fasting) group. Following Donna's own progress and listening to her videos has helped me to remain focused and positive when I feel I am not seeing results. I have picked up many tips from the podcasts and implement them into my daily routine. The support group is wonderful. I know this is a lifestyle I can live with."


"Great information about making IF part of your life for real people. Donna understands the process so well and how it can fit into real people's lives. Love listening to her podcasts which are sprinkled with down to earth tips. Truly a wonderful teacher!"


"So happy I found your podcast. I have been doing IF for about 6 weeks....I was at a loss but somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was eating too much. Then I listened to your Podcast about OMAD/3. After one day doing that , .8 pounds are gone. I need those boundaries and love your quote- You can eat anything but not everything. So thank you so much for your words of wisdom!!"


"Thank you for the great podcast. Very useful information which is helping me fine tune my IF. I learn something new each time I listen."

Mrs. K

DISCLAIMER: This is an intermittent fasting support group, blog, and/or course. None of the information/advice shared is considered to be medical advice. Information shared here is for inspiration and/or informational purposes only. Please consult your physician or medical professionals with any specific medical questions including treatment options, medications, dosages, and other medical concerns. Again, no specific medical advice is given herein. No discussion in this group, blog, or course should be considered to be a substitute for medical care.


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