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I wanted to share a little of my story with you--a story that might be familiar to many of you.

My weight loss journey as an adult began twenty-five years ago when I lost my first 100 total pounds (I'm 12 pounds from my second 100 pound loss--but this time it's for good!). I had just had my fourth child (of seven), and I lost weight doing low fat, very low calorie, exercise VHS tapes, and walking daily while pulling four children in a wagon! I had three more children and put it all back on eventually--plus some.

About a dozen years ago, my husband and I began ballroom dancing (even though we were each well over 100 pounds overweight!). Before I knew it, all that dancing caused me to lose 30 pounds. I stayed at that spot for a while, raising kids and having a busy life that involved food- --lots of it with a big family and homeschooling.

About eight years ago, I got really sick from pre-diabetes/insulin resistance. I was extremely symptomatic (night blindness, bloating that forced me to wear maternity pants by the end of the day, severe brain fog that interfered in my husband and my parenting seminars, and more). So I went on the HCG/very low calorie diet and lost almost 50 more pounds. Of course, a 600-800 calorie diet isn't sustainable, and I gained a lot of that back.

So that led me, about six years ago, to learn to cook and bake low carb and attempt low carb eating (and sometimes keto). I was at a net loss of 40 pounds by this time (over 6 years or so). No more real weight loss (even though I knew so much about low carb eating) as I was super strict during the week and went off on the weekends (as in Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). Even though I didn’t lose much weight, that protocol gave me a low enough average carb count to keep my prediabetes at bay. I had healed myself through diet!

A little over two years ago I found some plant-based supplements that helped me with cravings, bloating, inflammation, and appetite. Combined with what I had learned about low carb cooking and baking, I started losing weight again, ever so slowly, but losing. And I started teaching others how to cook and bake low carb at my blog, which I still do. Cravings were so much more controlled, but I still only lost about a pound per month.

And then I found some FB groups whose followers were not following a specific food-restriction plan. They were simply not eating at all for many hours each day and only eating in a smaller window (OMAD, One Meal a Day). I jumped in the next week and loved it.

 No more taking my own homemade low carb bread, tortilla chips, or desserts to restaurants. No more eating sugar-free cream cheese whip instead of birthday cake. No more eating only pizza toppings on pizza night. I could eat anything I wanted--I just couldn't eat everything I wanted. But that was okay too because I soon found that Appetite Correction shut down my eating for the day most of the time, and I was fine waiting to eat something else I liked the next evening.

 I started losing weight again--and my husband quickly joined me. Together we just hit the 90 pound weight loss mark in eight months....I have 15 to 20 pounds to go, and he has 30-40  pounds to go. (He loses 2 or 3 pounds a week!)

Some people think that Daily IF just means you pig out all evening. That couldn't be further from the truth.

We do "feast without fear"--as far as fear of this food group or that food type or this ingredient or that. But it changes your body, emotions, and mind.

 I will never go back to so many food restrictions--but I will also never binge eat for days on end or be out of control again. I am so grateful for Daily IF--and I would love to help you meet your health and fitness goals with IF as well!


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